“Where we aim, we can hit” CanTrack excels

23 June 2017

Peter Thompson, Managing Director jokes that CanTrack is the “oldest start-up around”. Beginning as a tech company 13 years ago, they are now a highly successful, fast-growing company that provides tracking solutions for valuable assets and business critical infrastructure at risk of theft.

CanTrack has an incredible business growth success story. Peter say’s they’ve learned a lot from their mistakes but, “We’ve shown time and time again that where we aim, we can hit.” The dynamic CanTrack you see today is a result of four years of continual investment and hard work from the core business team. This has paid huge dividends. Peter says that they’re now working with some people that can transform their business. “We are having conversations we’ve never been able to have before”, he added.

Emmanuelle Clement, Velocity Growth Hub adviser provided Peter with business contacts in the Department of International Trade. This meant they got the right advice from experts early on and the support they needed to develop their international growth strategy. “We’re putting our money where our mouth is and have invested in developing our international markets business. We’re actively looking for partners to take what we do here, abroad.” Peter added.

The CanTrack team are now working with Emmanuelle on an application for a revenue grant from Velocity Growth Hub to develop their international marketing and website.

Turnover in the last year grew by 50%, with growth predictions this year to be much higher. They’ve created 13 new jobs in the last year alone. Peter says, “This is just the start. We are having an effect on the local community and that’s something I’m extremely proud of.”

Peter says, “The growth we’re having feels explosive at times. We need to control this and we have made sure we maintain quality and keep the customer experience as it should be.” They have just been awarded the ISO 9001 certification.

Even as a small business, “CanTrack competes at the top level.” He added.

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