BLOG: The Apprentice is back but do the boardroom battles reflect real life business

14 October 2015

Are you ready for weeks of drama and pantomime as a bunch of aspiring city slickers blag, bitch and backstab their way through various tasks as they bid to become Lord Sugar’s latest investment?

Yep, The Apprentice is back, with a fresh batch of candidates ready to rock the boardroom with their inflated egos and blustering banter.

But how closely does the BBC smash hit show mirror real life business? How would the candidates cope with the day-to-day reality of running their own company?

Could they handle the filling in of tax returns? Could they deal with HR issues affecting their staff? Could they cope with a troublesome supplier? What’s their grasp of cash flow analysis?

For real-life entrepreneurs out there The Apprentice is probably as frustrating as it is entertaining. If only everyone was model material, wearing snazzy Saville Row suits and strutting around as if they own half of whichever postcode they’re operating in.

Everyday business is nowhere near as glamorous and you can’t help but get the impression that if any of these characters did a proper day’s work they’d come out in a cold sweat afterwards before running off to Canary Wharf with their tail tucked firmly between their legs.

That said, it’s good telly.

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