Apprenticeships, an opportunity to grow your business

3 March 2017

Apprenticeships offer an opportunity not just to develop people but to grow a business.

In the past Apprenticeships were related to learning a trade. Modern Apprenticeships can be used to develop and train people in almost all business types and sectors, at all levels from GCSE to masters, for all ages from 16, for both new recruits and existing employees.

Apprenticeships cover a range of occupations from Account executive to Zookeeper with apprentices working towards nationally recognised vocational qualifications and technical certificates whilst providing you with the opportunity to coach an individual to contribute to their development and the success of your business.

Recent evidence shows that Apprenticeships boost productivity to businesses by on average of £214 per week, 87% of employers were satisfied with their apprenticeship programme, with 75% reporting improved quality of their product or service through having an apprentice.
The Government have simplified the funding rules from April 2017 with larger companies with an annual £3 million pay bill contributing to apprenticeship training costs via a levy. The result of this is that there are some new incentives for small and medium employers:

• Non-levy paying small and medium businesses will be asked to only fund 10% of the cost of training for an apprentice, the Government funding the balance of 90%
• Small businesses with 49 or fewer staff that train an apprentice aged 16-18 will pay nothing towards the cost of training (the Government funding 100%). This also applies if the apprentice is aged 19-24 and formerly in care or if they have an Education Health & Care Plan (EHCP).
• In addition, small employers (49 or fewer staff) can apply for an Apprenticeship Grant for Employers (AGE), a one-off payment of £1,500 for training an apprentice aged 16-24, aimed at businesses that would not otherwise be able to recruit individuals through the apprenticeship programme and have not employed an apprentice in the last 12 months (this only applies for apprentices starting before 1 August 2017).
• All apprentices are expected to attain a basic level of maths and English (at Level 1 or 2). The cost of this training will be funded by the government with no contribution from the employer.

To assist small and medium businesses to develop their workforce through Apprenticeships, Velocity with support from ESF funding, have a new resource to guide you through the process.

The support includes:
• Helping with finding new recruits with free advertising for your Apprenticeship vacancies
• Getting your current staff ready to start an Apprenticeship
• Offering pathways to higher and degree-level Apprenticeships
• An opportunity to raise your business profile through our Apprenticeship Ambassador scheme

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