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The UK is legally committed to reducing the net greenhouse gas emissions that arise from UK-based activities to zero by 2050. Achieving that target will require large shifts away from emissions-intensive activity from both consumers and producers. Business owners have their part to play. Unfortunately, it’s not always clear on the best strategy for success.

Growth Hub’s Step into Net Zero programme supports local businesses to reach their net zero targets. Through a series of business clinics, workshops and funding opportunities, Step into Net Zero guides you along your pathway to net zero. With Step into Net Zero, you’ll learn how to develop a plan to ensure you achieve your green targets. Our team of business advisers will be on hand throughout to provide impartial advice and support on your journey to net zero.

Help with hitting net zero

We’re offering businesses the opportunity to book a free 30-minute business clinic with our team of business advisers.

During the clinic, we’ll be sharing why it’s important to create a decarbonisation plan, highlighting the benefits of doing so, what to consider making changes to, and how to take the next steps. You’ll also walk away with your own “Net Zero Toolkit; a guide to becoming net zero”, which you can utilise on your journey.

To book your clinic, please complete the form below. A business adviser will then be in touch to confirm a time.