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Boost your Business

Organiser: Cranfield University

Venue: Eagle Labs

Address: 1 Medway Court
Cranfield University
MK43 0FQ

Date & Time: 28 Jan 2020 - 9:00 am-12:15 pm

Cranfield University are here to work with you to help your company to grow. We invite you to meet us!

As the UK’s most business-engaged University, we continue to be trusted to understand and to be responsive to the needs of many organisations.

We pride ourselves on being flexible and entrepreneurial and have the capability to take a project from concept through to practical delivery – we solve problems and shape the future.

How we continue to help industry

Pamela Steele Associates (PSA) works on supply chain transformation for the public health and humanitarian sector through consultancy, research and training. PSA and the Cranfield University School of Management are currently collaborating through a funded Knowledge Transfer Program (KTP). The collaboration continues to provide valuable academic perspectives, research resources, key reference points on objectives, unwavering advice and financial and personnel support for the ongoing project.  We are positive that the project’s intended profitable outcome will be achieved.

 Expertise in the School of Management

  • Implementing emerging technologies (e.g. blockchain, robotics, big data, AI etc.) to meet customer needs, to overcome operational and supply chain constraints and to manage people more effectively.
  • Executing business strategy, business programmes and projects supported by relevant strategic management and performance measurement tools.
  • Building organisational resilience by developing capabilities to anticipate, prepare, absorb, adapt and learn from business disruptions.
  • Developing leadership capabilities to enhance performance enable strategic growth and operate in a flexible, agile and inclusive manner.
  • Understanding the financing and managing investments related to uncertain environments (e.g. Brexit).
  • Solving complex business and operational challenges by applying appropriate tools (modelling and simulation, optimisation).
  • Acquiring knowledge and skills to embed successfully sustainability in core business processes to reduce risk, cost and drive growth.
  • Fostering entrepreneurial activities and increasing productivity for SMEs and family businesses

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