enferm is a healthcare staffing solution that’s disrupting the industry. On a mission to shake up a sector that hasn’t always taken care of its own, enferm already supports 130 hospitals across the UK – with over 1200 nurses using their service to access work. Their fully digital approach to connecting healthcare professionals with flexible work may be powered by industry-leading staffing software, but people are at the centre of enferm’s approach, and they are committed to creating better workplaces through innovation. As well as nursing, this tech-enabled staffing firm supports medical and AHP jobs.  

What challenge did enferm face? 

enferm has experienced a period of intense transformation, shifting from a traditional healthcare staffing provider to a disruptive tech company while also undergoing significant growth – expanding from a team of 22 to 58 in a matter of months. Head of Partnerships Naomi Sprigg explained that the company was looking for business guidance to navigate this period of intense change alongside investment to ensure the organisation’s branding and marketing reflect who they are today.  

How did SEMLEP provide support? 

Naomi came across SEMLEP during an online search, discovering a range of seminars and grant schemes which might benefit enferm. Though an initial grant application was unsuccessful, Naomi and enferm CEO Joshua Sprigg worked with SEMLEP High Growth Business Adviser Sandra Edwards to complete an in-depth review of the company, highlighting important areas of focus and opportunity. Naomi also attended two workshops that she describes as “helpful and insightful”, explaining that these have prompted actionable change in the business: 

“After the workshop, we changed direction on doing smaller user focus groups, because it makes it more personal, you get more outcome and feedback from it … I’ve made sure that we implement that and keep it going.”

Naomi says that she would recommend SEMLEP to any local company looking for guidance or funding and describes the workshops in particular as “really enjoyable”. She has been impressed by the way that SEMLEP has not only provided immediate support but continues to identify new opportunities and resources for the business as a whole. 

“Sandra has been keeping us in the loop on things that are coming around the corner, and we have also been in contact with somebody that can help us on a networking front. Just really, really friendly, I’d say, and just really great advice throughout.”

enferm is currently in the process of applying for a Revenue Grant following advice from Sandra, and the organisation looks set to continue working closely with the SEMLEP team as the business grows and evolves.