GoodInk is a creative agency specialising in graphic design and web design, spearheaded by Steve Goodger. Based in Thornborough, GoodInk has built a reputation locally for its striking design work for a number of exciting businesses – including Dragon Media, based at Bletchley Park but with a worldwide client base including companies in China and the USA.


GoodInk’s success has meant Steve was so busy working for his clients that he unable to devote the time he needed to grow his business further. He considered hiring an apprentice and approached MK College, where he was himself a former student. While that didn’t materialise, it did open up a conversation about the support offered by SEMLEP’s Growth Hub. Steve realised he needed to get a fresh opinion on his business so was keen to get some external help to assist in his growth strategy.


A meeting with Business Adviser Bisola Orimalade, a specialist in digital marketing, gave Steve the insight he needed to make better use of his social media platforms to engage with local businesses and attract new clients. By devoting time to posting regularly across various channels, GoodInk was able to forge new partnerships and relationships with a string of companies, adding a number of new clients to its portfolio.


Steve said: “When I contacted SEMLEP’s Growth Hub I was busy but I wanted to be busier. I wasn’t able to stop and think what I could do differently so it was nice to get a fresh pair of eyes to take a look and suggest things that I had previously been overlooking to improve my visibility. It worked brilliantly and I’m now busier than ever. In fact I’m now at the point where really I could do with an apprentice but I kind of enjoy the simplicity of the business just being me. I have started to delegate some work out to others though which has been really positive. I’m very grateful for the insight from SEMLEP and it’s made a big difference.”

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