Soyombo Dental Specialists Milton Keynes has a team of highly experienced General Dental Council certified specialists who offer a comprehensive range of services to help patients maintain their overall oral and general health. Their extensive list of treatments includes oral surgery, gum treatment, braces, dental implants, root canal work, aligners, cosmetic dentistry, hygiene appointments and custom-created oral devices to combat sleep apnoea and snoring. The business is currently working on ambitious plans to open a community healthcare centre in Milton Keynes.

What challenge did Soyombo Dental Specialists Milton Keynes face?

Soyombo Dental Specialists Milton Keynes is working on an ambitious plan to open a new community healthcare centre in the heart of the city in 2024.

The centre will be in addition to its current premises in Milton Keynes, Melton Mowbray and St Albans and will feature a variety of healthcare services, including dentistry, GP surgery, mental health provision and physiotherapy.

The new facility is in line with the Government’s approach to how it wants healthcare services to be delivered in the community and will cut down on travelling time for patients as they will be able to access a range of services in one place.

Soyombo Dental Specialists Milton Keynes has been working on the project since last year and turned to SEMLEP for help to secure the last piece of funding it needs to open the centre.

How did SEMLEP provide support?

The company has taken part in a one-to-one diagnostic session with a SEMLEP Growth Hub business adviser and attended several events organised by the local enterprise partnership, including a growth masterclass led by the University of Bedfordshire.

Principal Dr Bola Soyombo said: “A lot came out of our initial diagnostic session. We received useful advice about the types of grants we should consider applying for and they signposted us towards their masterclass on marketing which was incredibly helpful.

“Firstly, it provided us with strategies to overcome some of the hurdles that small businesses often face when they’re trying to market their organisation both on a day-to-day basis and from a longer term, strategic perspective. It helped us to think carefully about the research that we needed to do to ensure that our marketing plans have a targeted approach.

“Secondly, the masterclass gave us the chance to meet with other businesses. Even though they were quite different from us it was interesting to see that all our pain points were similar and we were able to discuss those and how we could overcome them.

“The Growth Hub has also kept us informed about other events that we might find beneficial and we recently attended their Show Me Success event which was very useful.

“Again, that event gave us the chance to meet with other businesses and it was good for us to benefit from their expertise and hear about their growth stories.

“When you’re at the beginning of your own growth process it’s good to hear from other businesses who have been on the same journey because it reminds you there is light at the end of the tunnel.”

With support from Growth Hub advisers, the business is also in the process of applying for a grant from SEMLEP’s Resilience and Innovation Fund.

Would you recommend SEMLEP’s Growth Hub to others?

Dr Soyombo said: “I would absolutely recommend SEMLEP to other businesses – working with them is very beneficial.

“They take a good look at your business to understand the challenges you are facing and help you to articulate those. Their advisers make you think in more detail about your growth and it’s great to receive their impartial feedback.

“They give you great advice on how you can grow further and help you to produce sustainable strategies.

“In addition to all this, the connections that you make with other organisations through your involvement with SEMLEP are great.”