Central Bedfordshire Council and SEMLEP to deliver robust business support programme to support recovery and resilience

11 October 2021

Additional Restrictions Grant (ARG) funding from the Government has enabled Central Bedfordshire Council to engage with SEMLEP to deliver business support and business mentoring to local companies impacted by Coronavirus restrictions.

SEMLEP will support local businesses to identify and connect with the right guidance and funding to maximise potential and overcome challenges.

The targeted support for Central Bedfordshire-based companies, commences in September 2021, and will be delivered by SEMLEP via a staggered 12-hour business support and mentoring programme to help businesses to continue to trade, adapt, diversify and grow.

There will also be an opportunity to access a grant of between £1,000 to £3,000 that businesses on the programme can spend on specialist professional support from the local business community.

Councillor Kevin Collins, Central Bedfordshire Council’s Executive Member for Planning and Regeneration said:

“In alignment with our economic strategy, our aim is to prioritise support and job creation activity towards sectors, population groups and places who have been disproportionately impacted by COVID-19, which this SEMLEP programme delivers. Businesses from all sectors should access this support to benefit with recovery and resilience.”

Councillor David Shelvey, Central Bedfordshire Council’s Executive Member for Corporate Resources said:

“We are delighted to be able to provide this programme to our local businesses as part of our wider business support package via SEMLEP. Our economic strategy research confirms a strong potential for growth and up-scale, with 91% with all enterprises in Central Bedfordshire employing fewer than ten people.”

Vicky Hlomuka, SEMLEP’s Growth Hub Manager, said:

SEMLEP’s whole reason for being is to help local businesses remain resilient and give them the tools, knowledge, and funding they need to thrive and grow. As a result, we relish this opportunity to further support businesses in Central Bedfordshire, and look forward to working closely with Central Bedfordshire Council to deliver this programme.


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