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Commercialising your IP

Organiser: SEMLEP Growth Hub

Venue: NatWest Entrepreneur Accelerator Hub

Address: 300 Silbury Boulevard
Milton Keynes

Date & Time: 3 Dec 2019 - 9:30 am-1:30 pm

Contact Email:

Do you think about your intellectual property (IP)?

Do you understand whether you should protect your IP?

Having the right type of IP protection helps you to stop people stealing or copying the names of your products or brands, your inventions, the design or look of your products and the things you write, make or produce.

A company’s IP is often their most important asset. If used well, IP can offer a solid platform for any business to grow. So how you plan, manage and protect your ideas should be a crucial feature in your business planning and yet IP is often not considered and under-protected!

All too often, businesses do not think about IP in a way of driving commercial value and are not aware of all the benefits a Patent can offer, its not just about protection.

The Intellectual Property Office will give you a good overview of IP (patents, trade marks, designs and copyright) and how to apply this information to your business. You will be broken up into small teams and presented with a series of scenarios in which IP is crucial to a business. Once you have discussed the scenarios, the Intellectual Property speaker will take you through the answers to the problem.

Then GovGrant will do a 1hr session & talk through how businesses can better understand their own IP value and how they can exploit it:

  • Commercial view of IP – driving value
  • Common misconceptions of seeking a patent
  • Other values instead of protection that come from IP/Patent
  • Using R&D to help identify patent opportunities

So if you’re wondering what IP is, what you own and how you could protect it come along to our workshop.”

About IPO

About GovGrant

GovGrant is here to make sure that innovation is recognised and receives the full range of innovation tax incentives. GovGrant can help your business recognise and exploit your IP through a deep understanding of the innovation lifecycle.


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