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The Connections Club – September Meeting

Organiser: The Connections Club

Venue: Collingtree Park Golf Club

Address: 90 Windingbrook Lane, Northampton, NN4 0XN

Date & Time: 3 Sep 2019 - 11:45 am-2:00 pm


The Connections Club: Practical, Professional & Profitable Networking

The more people who you know and the more people who know you, the more business you will do. But how do you increase your network of valuable contacts in a cost effective and time efficient way?

The Connections Club is a structured and professional networking group which gives you the opportunity to connect with other business owners who are serious about growth, allows you to promote your own business and you take away a valuable skill, learning or insight – at every single meeting.
Attendees are carefully selected to ensure that each meeting is filled with decision makers and influencers – so you meet the right people to help you grow.

The format is designed to be time efficient and to reap results:

  • Monthly meetings – you build valuable relationships with other attendees
  • Limited slots per profession – avoiding excessive competition but facilitating collaboration
  • Business owners, influencers, and leaders only – connecting you with the right people to make the meetings efficient and effective
  • Buyers and sellers – everyone is as interested in buying other people’s services as they are in promoting their own, maximising your chances of growth
  • Structured format – a seated lunch, 60 second pitch, guest speaker and informal networking time allow you to maximise your introductions, learn and be inspired
  • Large group format – giving you access to a substantial pool of contacts, every time

To Book:

Contact to reserve your slot or to ask to be invoiced for the visitor meeting fee.

Event Organiser:

Barbara Hodgson is the founder and chair. She has more than 10 years experience of connecting businesses – through networking groups, conferences and one-off events – and is regarded highly by the numerous businesses she has connected.

Quick to spot a potential partnership or a useful collaboration for her members, she ensures every meeting is practical, professional and useful for everyone who attends.

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