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Digital Northampton Tech at Ten: Digital Inclusion

Organiser: Digital Northampton



Date & Time: 30 Oct 2020 - 10:00 am-12:00 pm

We will look at the role technology can play and the range of job roles which can suit a wide range of individuals.

About this Event

Technology and Autism: A Good Fit for Employment

Tom Cliffe, Track NN Ltd

Nationally just 16% of autistic adults are in full time employment. In this talk Tom will outline the work Track NN Ltd has done to support businesses to benefit from a diverse workforce.

The talk will cover how Track has supported autistic people to access employment across a range of industries, and the benefits employers gain from a diverse workforce.

Tom will also explain Track’s new partnership with The National Museum of Computing, and the opportunities this will create for businesses and individuals.

Empowering people with inclusive smart homes

Ellen Ward, Elbridge AI

Ellen will share insights on the dramatic impact connected IoT devices and AI software can have in transforming the lives of people who are physically impaired, cognitively diverse or managing chronic conditions.

She’ll discuss key challenges in designing and developing for these customers, with inclusivity considerations; and explore creative solutions that already exist.

Diversity and creativity for product development through user research

Chloe Sharp, SnapOut

Chloe is the Research Director at SnapOut, an innovation consultancy based in Milton Keynes which aims to make innovation happen. From product ideas to existing products needing to get to the next level, businesses can benefit from access to funding through grant writing services and developing these products that meet market needs through research services.

Chloe will be sharing lessons learned from a range of past projects where she has worked with product development teams that have been able to be more creative as they had a diverse range of feedback to get inspiration from. Research is often an element that is typically underestimated and misunderstood as there are the ideas that it is expensive, time-consuming and unnecessary.

Chloe will show you that it’s a treasure trove for ideation, understanding your customers better than ever and it’s great for building customer loyalty.

Approaches to Inclusive AI

Cristina Goldfain, ETIQ AI

Cristina will talk about sources of unintended bias in algorithms in the finance and risk management sector.

This will also include why unintended biases can creep into algorithms and how this issue can be mitigated to increase inclusion in digital processes.

Designing Digital Systems for All

Lawrence Mburu, LGSS Digital

Lawrence will share his experience working on digital services in the public sector; how a human centred approach helps the councils build inclusive digital systems that cater for the diverse citizenry.

Lawrence is a digital service designer with a background in marketing and visual design. He will touch on his experience growing up in East Africa, and how designing in diversity helps organisations to design for diversity.

This event will take place via Zoom. We will email out the details ahead of the event.

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