Flegg Projects take a step back, for a leap forward

8 June 2018

After more than 40 years as an independent machinery moving company, the last four has seen Flegg Projects triple in size. The company has used a grant from Velocity Growth Hub to bring in specialist business growth consultancy to help them plan and manage change and, have since set their sights fully on future growth opportunities.

Flegg Projects is a family business based in Aylesbury. It specialises in machinery moving, transport and storage, believing the finest and most elaborate machinery moving equipment is of little use without capable, experienced project management.

‘The machinery movers with the expertise you expect’


With the business developing organically, Flegg Projects’ Directors cracked on with the day-to-day needs of running the company. Having seen rapid growth in a short period of time, they recognised that they needed the time and resource to take a step back from the business and focus on their future goals.

Kiersty Cox, Financial Director, had heard of the Growth Hub having  worked with Buckinghamshire Business First and was keen to find out more about the grant funding opportunities on offer.

They were looking to contract an external business growth consultancy, to help support their business’ future development. They applied for a Velocity revenue grant and received £8,000 towards the consultancy  cost.

Kiersty says: “With the help of the grant we could bring in Secantor Business Services. Their expertise has massively benefitted our business. It has improved the day-to-day running of the business and has given the Directors the opportunity to step-back and focus on the overall business objectives and our future.”

Not only is the business gaining new clients every day, they are also setting clear goals for the future. Their aim is to reach a turnover of £6 million next year, eventually reaching a turnover of £10 million.

Flegg Projects have also begun expanding their business into new areas and  have recently hired an electrician, helping them to provide an overall better service for their clients. Their plans for the future will allow them to employ a further 11 employees.

Kiersty offers the following advice to other businesses looking to expand:

“Contacting an outside organisation can be a fantastic resource, and if you can get funding to help you purchase it, why not!”

“We contracted Secantor Business Services who were brilliant for our business, they helped us to work on the overall function of our business and as a result, we have improved our productivity. They worked directly with us and our staff to teach us the skills we need to improve the business.”


Visit the Flegg Projects website.

Visit the Secantor Business Services website.