Having a fresh pair of ‘experienced’ eyes look at your business can create a firmer foundation for future planning.

25 July 2017

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Cheryl Thallon, MD at Viridian and her team had a number of ideas for growth over the next 3-5 years, but needed to sense-check that they were on the right track.

“If anything, we have too many ideas, and following through to completed project has sometimes been an issue.” said Cheryl.

Viridian had already taken part in Coaching for High Growth and the Growth Accelerator programmes, with excellent results, so when they met Gordon at Velocity Growth Hub, “we knew it would be useful.” said Cheryl.

Gordon Sparke, Velocity Growth Hub’s business adviser in Cherwell and South Northamptonshirehas coached Cheryl on a number of fronts: project management, mission statement consolidation, SWOT analyses, and specific project development.

“Having a business coach, forces you to justify and provide back-up data to support your direction.”

Viridian Nutrition’s ethos is Purity, Charity and Environment. Viridian has a range of over 200 award-winning food supplements, supplying 850 specialist health food stores, with 20 overseas

distributors from Finland to South Africa, Ireland to Singapore. They pride themselves on being a very environmental company. Organic products is a big part of that, but they also minimise packaging, offer a 25p refund on glass jars, and have a Charity Donation programme that supports numerous children’s and environmental charities. As a result, they were named the leading brand of ethical vitamins by Here’s Health and Ethical Consumer magazines.

“Often, the greatest resource a coach can offer a client is thinking time. When you are headlong in your business, it’s difficult, but crucial, to take time out to reflect and plan.”

“Spending an hour a week for a month or two with Gordon has reinforced my understanding of the key assets of the business and helped me to identify three or four strategic projects from our ‘ideas wall’ which we will manage into the next fiscal year and beyond.”

Gordon worked directly with Cheryl to sense-check Viridan’s planned direction, tweaking where appropriate, helping to set timelines, and boosting confidence to proceed.

“Our primary focus for the next quarter is to commission research into our specialist industry to create a firmer foundation for future planning.”

Cheryl’s tips three for business owners

1. Take a day a month out of the business to look at the big picture.
2. Have regular meetings with your key personnel to get their input and ownership of the mission and specific projects.
3. Sign up to the Velocity Growth Hub – having a fresh pair of (experienced) eyes look at your business is very useful.

For more information on Viridian, visit their website:

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