Growth Hub funding & grant programmes

Explore the funding and grant programmes available to your business across the South East Midlands

The Growth Hub has allocated £6.65 million of its Growing Places Fund to launch two new capital grant programmes, the Resilience and Innovation Fund and the Growing Innovation Fund. The grant programmes are available to businesses based in Northamptonshire, Bedfordshire, Milton Keynes and Luton. For more information about the grants, including eligibility and application processes, explore below:


A business grant that provides support to enterprises based in the South East Midlands who are looking to invest in their business to generate growth, strengthen their business performance and increase innovation levels


Designed to help realise strategic economic aims, notably to strengthen innovation, support decarbonisation and assist with the commercialisation of ideas.  Those enterprises successful in their application will have capital projects that support these aims.

More funding opportunities

If you can’t find the level of funded support you require, we can still help. We work with multiple partners throughout the region who offer different levels of funding to different businesses. You can find our partners, and their programmes by clicking below.