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Get going in 2021: tools to revise your business focus

Organiser: SEMLEP Growth Hub

Venue: Webinar

Address: Online Event

Date & Time: 18 Mar 2021 - 11:00 am-12:00 pm

Contact Email: [email protected]

This one-hour webinar will highlight what steps you should take to revise your product portfolio and target markets and ensure a focused strategy and business model to achieve results.

Whether your business has declined, flourished or just held its own in 2020, it will have deviated from planned budgets and forecasts as a result of COVID.

It is important to assess if your long-term projections and plans remain accurate and what, if anything, may have altered to impact your product and market strategy.

Get guidance on how to investigate potential new opportunities; the skills, tools and information required to prepare a business case and assess the return on investment.


This webinar will cover:

• How to ensure you have accurate data on the performance of your current products/services

• How to assess if your existing cost, price and volume projections are realistic

• How to understand your value proposition, competitive advantage(s)

• How to investigate new market or product opportunities and have confidence in your investment decision(s)


We will hear from Linda Beal, Director of UPMS, a company set up to provide Product Management Services to local business.

Throughout her career Linda has been responsible for the strategy and development of products and markets, leading global and UK based teams across a variety of industries to identify investment opportunities and growth. From international corporates to UK based SMEs, her experience spans more than 25 years and includes expertise in establishing investment priorities, building businesses cases, understanding market and customer needs, delivering growth from existing and new products and services.

As an Ambassador for SEMLEP for several years, Linda’s skills are particularly relevant at this time to help provide guidance to business leaders as they revise their strategy, products and services in a post Brexit and COVID world.

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