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Monday 16 September –

Afternoon session now available. Click register to attend or more details. 

Morning: 09:00-11:30am or Afternoon 13:00-15:30pm

Click here to register to attend. 

Northampton Marriott Hotel, Eagle Drive, Northampton NN4 7HW

09:00:  Registration

09:00-11:30:  Visit our advice stands: Get direct advice and support from government advisers to understand what your business may need to do to prepare for Brexit, what’s changing in your industry, and information on specific rules and regulations. Get support on areas including:
• Importing from the EU
• Exporting to the EU
• Providing services or doing business in the EU
• Employing EU citizens
• Transferring personal data

09:30-09:50:  Keynote Address: Get Ready for Brexit
All businesses should take practical steps to ensure they are prepared for Brexit on 31 October. Join this 20-minute session to:
• understand what’s changing for business
• get clear advice on the practical steps and actions that you can take, and
• find out more about the resources and support available to help you to Get Ready.

Pick from the below sessions to suit your business or continue to visit our advice stands.

09:55-10:25: Import, export and customs for Business: Find out how to plan for imports and exports after Brexit. Our Customs experts will explain the key preparation actions to take, including essential things to know and how to apply for transitional easements to help your business.

10:00-10:30: Get your clients ready for Brexit: All businesses should take steps to get ready for Brexit and firms are looking to their professional advisers for guidance and advice on how to plan and prepare. Join this session to understand how you as an adviser can support the businesses you work with to develop and refine their Brexit plan.

10:30-11:15: Prepare your business for Brexit – food and drink; farming; fisheries; waste, chemicals and trade: Join this session with The Department for Environment Food & Rural Affairs (Defra) to hear important information on the urgent actions that your business should take to get ready for Brexit. Defra representatives will be happy to hear about and discuss any issues affecting businesses, answer questions or provide routes to more detailed information and policy experts as required.

10:30-11:00: Employers of EU citizens: If your business employs EU citizens, you may wish to communicate with them about continuing to live and work in the UK after Brexit. EU, EEA and Swiss citizens, and their families, can apply to the EU Settlement Scheme to continue living in the UK after 30 June 2021. At this session the Home Office will help you understand what the EU Settlement Scheme means for employers and the support available to you.

10:40-11:10: Trading with countries outside the EU after Brexit: This session, led by trade experts, will provide you with information on international trade after Brexit. Join us to find out how trading arrangements with other countries may change, how the Government will help tackle market access barriers and what your business needs to do to prepare for Brexit if you trade internationally.

11:05-11:35: Data and Brexit: Personal data is regularly used in the daily running of organisations: HR, sales, purchasing, marketing. Your organisation almost certainly uses personal data in its daily operations and if you can’t access it that may disrupt your work. Join this session for an introduction to personal data transfers and a guide to the actions you need to take to ensure continued legal transfers of personal data after we leave the EU.

11:45: Event Close

There will be further events as part of this campaign held in other areas such as Leicester, Peterborough and London. More details on these will be provided as soon as they are available.