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Green Recovery and Innovation Grants

Please note that the Green Recovery and Innovation grants scheme is currently closed for new applications. We apologise for any inconvenience.


Are you an SME in North or West Northamptonshire looking to grow, improve productivity and increase the sustainability of your business in 2022? Apply for a Green Recovery and Innovation Grant.

The UK Government has set ambitious targets for achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050, and we all have a role in helping to achieve this. The Government is currently reviewing its approach to ensure that we can meet our environmental commitments in a way which will deliver maximum economic growth and investment, driving opportunities for private investment, jobs, innovation, exports, and growth right across the UK.

We recognise that we’re undertaking this at time of considerable economic challenge, but help is available. SMEs in North and West Northamptonshire are invited to apply for a grant designed to increase innovation levels and improve the green credentials of local businesses.

About the scheme

The Green Recovery and Innovation Grant scheme offers match funding to local businesses for projects to increase innovation levels and improve the green credentials of local businesses. The grants are designed to support innovation and decarbonisation initiatives, particularly focused on projects that will create a significant, positive impact on the business’s future.

The minimum grant amount that can be applied for is £1,000, and the maximum grant available is £10,000.

The grants cover a maximum of 50% of the total price of a project and are designed to create new products/services, reduce carbon emissions and help companies to create and safeguard jobs. The guidance provides more detail on these requirements.

It’s important that businesses are aware that funding is subject to availability and applications will be reviewed on a first come, first served basis. SEMLEP’s Growth Hub reserves the right to close the grant application period at any point, depending on the volume of grant applications received.

Information on the steps necessary to access a Green Recovery and Innovation Grant can be found below. Please read the Guidance carefully before submitting your plan and application.


Applications are currently closed.

GRIP Grant Guidance

GRIP Grant Criteria and Assessment



To be eligible for grant funding, applicants must meet the following essential criteria:


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Read the GRIP Grant Guidance, identify your decarbonisation or innovation project and complete the application form.


Submit your application form and supporting documents by Monday 31 October. The SEMLEP team will appraise your application, and notify you as to whether your application has been successful.


If successful, the project must be paid for and supporting evidence must be submitted to SEMLEP by 30 November.


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Gain a competitive advantage: Stakeholders, employees and consumers increasingly expect businesses to adopt ambitious climate targets.

Improve efficiency, reduce costs: Business that manage resources more efficiently can reduce their operating costs and increase profitability.

Enhance access to capital: People want to be associated with companies that have the right impact on the world.

Grow your business and your brand: Take actions that represent what you stand for as a company and show your customers you care.

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Need support?

If you have any questions, or need support with your application, please email [email protected].


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