Support and training for local business owners to stabilise their businesses and plan for future growth.


Growth Curve is an intensive programme for business owners that will help you strengthen your leadership skills. This will allow you to stabilise your business in the current challenging environment, and help set your organisation on track for attainable long-term growth.

The programme was created to support businesses by providing university-led masterclasses for business leaders, meetings with business advisers, and access to funding. The programme has been updated to support businesses at this time, taking into consideration the effect coronavirus has had on the business environment.

The masterclasses are now online, and funding is still available. If your business could benefit from a one-to-one with a Growth Curve business adviser, register your interest here.

University Masterclasses

Masterclasses are run in partnership with the University of Bedfordshire, Cranfield University and University of Northampton.

They each provide a different syllabus tailored to your business stage and level of experience, maximising the benefits to your organisation. Your Growth Curve Business Adviser will work with you to identify the course that is right for you.

No matter which masterclasses you attend, they will help you come up with the right strategies to stabilise your business, plan your objectives and new initiatives, and ensure that you are in the best possible position to recover and grow.


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Identify business goals, strategies & opportunities with your High Growth Business Adviser.


Attend a university masterclass to develop skills needed to grow.


On-going support is offered to all businesses through SEMLEP’s Growth Hub.


Access to a peer-to-peer network of fellow Growth Curve alumni.


Participants will be notified of future grant funding they may be applicable for.


To apply to join this programme, you need to:

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Have a business based in the South East Midlands.

Be experiencing or projecting high growth in the next 2-3 years.

Have between 3 and 250 employees.

Current annual turnover of £200,000 with projected 20% annual growth minimum.

We are aware in this current environment, the opportunity to project and plan high growth is difficult. We would like to still hear from business owners running a business that fit the eligibility previous to the coronavirus difficulties. *Growth Curve is suitable for most business sectors however due to funding criteria, there are some ineligible sectors. Our team can let you know if you are eligible for the programme or other support, either offered by us or partner organisations.

Interested? Book to speak with a Growth Curve Business Adviser.


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