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Haiders & NatWest Cricket & Networking

Organiser: NatWest Boost

Venue: Luton Town and Indians Cricket Club

Address: Old Bedford Road, Luton, LU2 7HA

Date & Time: 25 Jul 2019 - 3:00 pm-5:00 pm


In celebration of the Cricket World Cup being held in England and Wales, Haiders along with the support of NatWest are inviting you to a fun afternoon of cricket and networking at the LTICC ground in Luton.

We’ll be having a fun game of cricket, with the winning team walking away with the bragging rights and for those of you not interested in playing you’ll be able to network and connect with other businesses at our event. We’re running the event with the support of The Lord’s Taverners and we’re going to be supporting Wicketz, their community cricket programme.

Come along for a fun afternoon in the heat with plenty of cold drinks and ice cream provided!

When signing up please let us know if you would like to play!

More information about Wicketz from The Lord’s Taverners

Wicketz is a community cricket programme, initially targeting young people aged 8-16 living in areas of deprivation and hard to reach groups who don’t have access to sporting opportunities and the benefits sport can bring. We’ll have Amran at the event and he’ll discuss all the great work he has been able to achieve in Luton where he runs the local Wicketz programme.

Through Wicketz, Amran and his team are helping to enhance young people’s lives in Luton and help increase their future prospects by developing thoughtful, responsible young citizens who have experience of leadership, teamwork, peer mentoring and strong role models and we want to create sustainable club environments where older participants are encouraged to take on leadership roles while volunteers and coaches are trained to secure the Wicketz legacy.

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