Healthy employees make for a healthy business

23 August 2022

Employees are a business’s best and most valuable asset, and there has never been a more important time to prioritise workplace health and wellbeing.

Promoting a happy, healthy workforce through a positive culture and supportive environment guarantees improved productivity and staff retention, reduced sickness absence, presenteeism and recruitment costs, as well as strengthening your ability to adapt and respond to the economy and our ever-changing environment. And that’s not to mention the reputational benefits of being a good employer, or the money you can save; did you know that there is a return of between £2 and £34 for every £1 spent on workplace health interventions?

With all of this in mind, the Healthy Workplace Standards scheme has been set up to recognise and celebrate organisations across the East of England who are committed to improving and maintaining a healthy and happy workplace. The Healthy Workplace Standards scheme is free to any business based in Milton Keynes, Bedford Borough, Central Bedfordshire, Suffolk or Hertfordshire.

The scheme includes eight standards developed to provide a consistent and sustainable framework for you to measure what you are doing well, and where there are areas for improvement. These are:

  • Absence Management
  • Alcohol and Substance Misuse
  • Health and Safety
  • Healthy Eating and Physical Activity
  • Inclusive Employment
  • Leadership in Health and Wellbeing
  • Mental Health and Wellbeing
  • Smoking and Tabacco-related Ill Health

Each of the standards progresses from Bronze/Level 1 through Silver/Level 2 and on to Gold/Level 3. Once you have achieved the standards you will be awarded a certificate for each standard, at Bronze, Silver or Gold level. If you achieve all eight Standards, you will be awarded Healthy Workplace Status and will receive a certificate.

The Healthy Workplace Award invites employers to undertake a flexible, honest appraisal of how their organisation is performing. Far from being an optional extra, workplace accreditation can have a profound impact, paying dividends for employers and employees alike.

Invest in your greatest asset and start your application today; the process is simple and it’s completely free!

To learn more and register your business, go to: