Helping to connect Connected-Things

27 April 2017

MD of Milton Keynes business Connected-Things, Ramkumar met Emmanuelle, Velocity’s Business Adviser at various networking events. Over the last 9 months, Emmanuelle has helped put Ramkumar in touch with key manufacturing businesses and funding contacts to help him along throughout his growth journey.

Connected-Things has developed a ‘predictive maintenance solution’ for industrial machines. Ramkumar describes his technology as a fitness tracker that listens to the heartbeat of machines. “Just like fitness trackers that monitor the health of our bodies.” he said.

“We know it works”. Ramkumar said. Connected-Things has worked with machine manufacturers and their customers to understand their equipment needs, developed prototypes and tested the technology with them. “We have a bespoke hardware and cloud-based real time monitoring facility. This can flag up maintenance solutions for a variety of industrial machines, including motors, pumps, heating and ventilation systems, industrial refrigerators and many more.”

He contacted Emmanuelle again for one-to-one business support. His primary objective was to secure investment funding from a Business Angel so that he can take his technology solution to the next level. He has now provided a business proposal to a leading pump and generator manufacturer and is awaiting final approval to kick start the pilot project.

“The support Emmanuelle gave me was Instrumental in helping me to target the right people, getting me to the position I’m in now.” Ramkumar said.

We asked Ramkumar for his advice to other businesses looking for advice and funding to take their business to the next level.

“Staying connected is really important. You have to network with the right people and constantly update them about the business – align yourself with an ecosystem that’s right for you.

“Understand your customers first. The rest will fall into place.

He added, “Be proactive and have a structured approach. Make sure you position yourself in the right way and make good use of the opportunities you have.”

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