Leadership: What next?

21 July 2020

Clear leadership is even more important in periods of uncertainty. How are you tackling the demands at this time? As a business leader what approaches have you taken to handle matters such as new working conditions and the concerns of employees and stakeholders?

As businesses reopen and adapt to a new working environment it is integral that our local business managers and owners lead the way for their employees, customers, and suppliers.

In such times leaders need to develop the tools for self-belief and confidence combined with realistic optimism. The setting of new objectives and directions will be needed, whilst being open minded to different solutions that will enable them to develop both short-term and long-term plans, remaining true to their values and mission.

Adapting and identifying opportunities

How are the current changes to the business and economic climate impacting your business? Does your business strategy allow you to be resilient in periods of uncertainty? Are you prepared for the new regulations following the UK’s departure from the EU?

Leaders need to identify emerging business circumstances such as changes in consumer spending or supply chains and networks. “Key priorities leaders should focus at this time include employee protection, customer engagement, supply chain stabilisation and most importantly financial stress testing”, says SEMLEP’s High Growth Business Adviser, Gordon Sparke.

Markets may change and there will be a need to tap into a competitive advantage. SEMLEP’s High Growth Business Adviser, Jacqueline Day, suggests “Create a cycle of pausing, assessing, anticipating at this time to encourage a calm pro-active mindset. This will help prevent overreaction whilst keeping you on the front foot.”

Growth Curve – a path for recovery and future growth

As a leader in this type of environment at this time, do you feel isolated? Would you value support from business experts and peers? If so you may want to consider support from Growth Curve, a program to help business leaders to find a clearer path for recovery and future growth, is set up to support local business leaders to gain new knowledge, challenge ideas and thus lead their business forward for future growth.

The program provides leadership and business coaching through meetings with business advisers and expert-led university masterclasses, as well as the opportunity to apply for a business grant.

We have partnered with the business schools at the University of Bedfordshire, Cranfield University and University of Northampton to deliver masterclasses that will help you enhance your leadership skills and make plans for growth in a peer lead environment.

Part funded by the European Regional Development Fund, participation in the program is fully funded for eligible businesses.

If you aren’t eligible for Growth Curve at this time there is still plenty of fully funded leadership support you can tap into. SEMLEP’s Growth Hub offers one to one meetings with business advisers to go through a business resilience talkbook, covering the key areas to focus on in order to be resilient to current and future environmental and political changes your business will face.

SEMLEP’s Growth Hub is a free business support service for all businesses in Bedfordshire, Milton Keynes and Northamptonshire. To find out more about the services that can help your business call 0300 01234 35 or email [email protected].