Midlands Engine Trade Visit to Tokyo

13 March 2018

Japan – land of the rising sun, samurai, tea ceremonies…and thriving automotive and advanced engineering sectors.

Stereotypes? Well, maybe. But every country has a strong and undeniable cultural identity and Japan is no different. It’s a land where ancient tradition sits comfortably alongside highly innovative technology and where ambitious, forward-looking companies should be headed whilst acknowledging the cultural mores that have shaped Japan through the centuries and continue to play a part in 2018.

The Midlands Engine automotive and advanced engineering trade visit to Japan is taking place from 3-6 June, 2018. At its heart is a programme of pre-arranged appointments with buyers looking to collaborate with and buy from Midlands companies. Trade visits with enthusiastic businesses who understand the necessity of getting out there and seeing a market in person can be a great way to enter a new territory. As one recent delegate remarked:

“Meeting with potential customers face to face is the most important thing when starting a new business relationship.”

And what better way to do it than as part of an organised trip, benefiting from the support and advice integral to DIT led trade missions?

So what can businesses expect from Japan, the third largest economy in the world and home to over 126m people?

Steve Crane, Midlands Engine Export Champion and CEO of Corby based Business Link Japan explains:

Ignoring Japan as part of your global export growth strategy is a big mistake. Winning that first piece of business may be harder when compared to other markets, but the rewards are significant and so worthwhile. I started selling British software in Japan in 2000 and now, 18 years later, the same customers still continue to buy our products and have become trusted friends as well as loyal customers. The payback on that initial investment has been huge.

It takes dedication and commitment to succeed, but that focus is noted and appreciated by Japanese customers. British companies that are capable of meeting the challenges will be rewarded by an equal measure of advantages over a long-term period.

The Midlands Engine trade visit to Japan is the perfect opportunity for regional companies to take the first step towards building business in one of the most exciting, lucrative and rewarding countries in the world. I look forward to seeing the exciting array of Midlands companies who take part.

For more information on the trip or any aspect of trading overseas, please contact DIT East Midlands on [email protected] or 0345 052 4001.