The National Apprenticeship Show- Could an apprentice benefit your business?

21 March 2018

Did you attend the National Apprenticeship Show? If not, here’s everything you need to know.

  • Apprenticeship training helps employees to improve their skills, which benefits your business as you ensure that the skills developed match your businesses future needs.
  • Apprentices often bring a fresh perspective into a business and a positive attitude into the workplace, which often has a knock-on effect to the other staff.
  • Apprentices are actively willing to learn and can bring new ideas into your business.
  • Employees who have been trained in your business are normally highly motivated and committed to your business, working hard to meet your business objectives

At the National Apprenticeship Show, SEMLEP and Growth Hub advisers, spoke to many businesses about the benefits of taking on apprentices. At the show successful businesses that actively embrace apprenticeships in their development of people included, Clarke Energy, Deloitte, DHL and Lloyds Banking

“83% of businesses would recommend apprenticeships to others”

Paul Thompson, Employer and Skills manager at SEMLEP said: “the benefits of apprenticeships to small business are clear. Feedback from businesses say the benefits include: improvements in productivity and quality, alongside team members who are more motivated and more likely to remain at a company or organisation. The range of apprenticeship standards and levels provide businesses with the opportunity to use apprenticeships for most of their staff development. The benefit being, that the processes and ethos of the business can be embedded into the training from day one.”

Paul strongly encourages business to consider apprenticeships for their business. He works with the SEMLEP Growth Hubs, training providers, further and higher education to ensure the relevant types of apprenticeships are available to benefit our area. Contact Paul, to find out more about this work on [email protected]

At the show, we also had featured businesses that hired apprentices, Engie, Niftylift, Gulliver’s Theme Parks and Developing U all featured their employment and apprenticeship opportunities on the SEMLEP stand. This gave businesses who are considering taking on apprentices to hear first-hand about how apprenticeships have added value. Watch Dale Powell, Social Value officer at Engie discuss the value of apprentices within their business here

Velocity Growth Hub can help your business get the support you need to understand apprenticeships, how they add value and how to employ them in your business. Sahasra Basran, Project Officer, Velocity Growth Hub also attended the show. “The National Apprenticeship Show was a great way for businesses to find out the opportunities available to them. Most businesses are not aware of the benefits of apprenticeships for both the individual and employer.”

For more information on how to hire an apprentice, speak to a business adviser at Velocity Growth Hub first.