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2 August 2019

Achieve High Growth with Successful Business Planning

By Jacqueline Day – High Growth Business Adviser In the many years that I have been helping and working with businesses to develop, scale and …

24 July 2019

Connect to The Exchange

The South East Midlands just wouldn’t be the same without the people, places and businesses. It would quite literally be ‘th t Midd’. Doesn’t have …

19 July 2019

Innovation and commercialisation at the heart of new economic plan for South East Midlands

South East Midlands Local Industrial Strategy reaffirms area’s ambitions to be a world-leader in transport and freight research and development Locally developed plan sets out …

10 July 2019

Official launch of Careers Hub Luton helping to improve careers outcomes for young people

Luton Council will officially launch Careers Hub Luton on Wednesday 10 July to transform careers education for young people. The careers hub, the first in Bedfordshire, …

10 July 2019

Inaugural Next Generation Business Awards success!

Five worthy winners were crowned at the inaugural Next Generation Business Awards on Friday night (5 July). The glittering gala dinner, held at The Northampton …

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