OzzleBox reaching and inspiring new communities

18 October 2017

OzzleBox, created by Oz Azubine is a visual, audible, kinetic event company based in Luton. He aims to promote and inspire creativity, through Human Beatbox.

Oz was confused about the next steps for his business, as his sector is so specific. “I wanted a detailed business path, a clear understanding of how to get my business to where I want it to be.” he said.

Oz searched for SME support and came across Wenta, who put him in touch with Velocity Growth Hub and Bisola Orimalade, a Velocity Growth Hub Business Adviser.

Soon after, Oz and Bisola began his one to one sessions, where together they discussed and established a clear direction for Ozzlebox. “I had a  clear vision of where I wanted to be. Bisola helped me to understand what actions I need to take to get there. This helped tremendously”.

Bisola recommended some of the Velocity Growth Hub workshops that may help Oz in his business.  After attending his first workshop, Oz signed up to as many more as he could. “The workshops are brilliant, easy to understand and the trainer is fantastic”.

Oz has said that the workshops have massively benefitted Ozzlebox, by giving him the specific skills needed to improve different areas of his business.

Following his support from Velocity Growth Hub and Bisola, Oz said “Now I don’t feel alone, I know that I have someone on my side” The business support has helped him to gain confidence, he now knows his business direction better and has a clearer perspective.

Oz plans to establish Ozzlebox in the local community, to get to know and understand his business’ industry better and to create a detailed review of his business direction.

Oz’s tip for other businesses:

  •  Don’t go through your business journey alone.
  •  Look out for and make use of all the support available to you.
  •  Make sure you have someone to keep you focused on each step, someone accountable like a Velocity Growth Hub adviser. 


Find out more about OzzleBox, follow them on twitter: @OzzleBox

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