Accessing the Growth Hub’s knowledge key to business growth

Planet Mermaid’s success story

Finding the perfect premises can be a daunting task for any business. For Planet Mermaid, a rising star in the world of aquatic fashion, this was no exception. Hoping to match their rapid growth with a suitable location, they turned to the expertise of the Growth Hub. What ensued was not just assistance, but a transformative partnership that propelled Planet Mermaid to new heights.

Planet Mermaid, a Central Bedfordshire-based retail business had been steadily growing for 10 years when they recognised they required new premises to meet the increasing demands of their customers. Having heard of the Growth Hub via a friend, owner Magdalena Jovanovic, reached out for support. Magdalena worked closely with business adviser Kelly Griffiths to map out the requirements of their new building.

“I wasn’t sure what was available, as I was moving from Bedford Borough to Central Bedfordshire. So, I reached out to the Growth Hub for guidance” explained Magdalena.

“I met with Kelly Griffiths, whose knowledge of the commercial property world was invaluable. Her advice was way beyond what I was expecting to receive and I’m now paying less because of her knowledge and guidance.”

With any ecommerce store, the need to have showstopping visuals and eye-catching content is key to raising the profile of a business. Planet Mermaid was no different. Having successfully moved into new premises, Planet Mermaid continued to lean on the Growth Hub for support. When Growth Curve was launched, Kelly recognised Planet Mermaid would be an ideal business for the programme. The programme offered business leaders a chance to hone their skills and equip them to grow through a course of peer learning sessions. It also presented the opportunity to apply for grant funding. Planet Mermaid jumped at the opportunity to take part.

Planet Mermaid applied for funding to invest in new photography and videography of their new product line, Colour in Mermaid Messenger bag, and Kelly again supported Magdalena throughout the application process

“I’d never applied for grant funding before and wasn’t sure what I needed to include.

“The support on the end of the phone was so helpful. I’m certain Kelly’s guidance was the difference between me receiving funding and not.

“As part of the application process, I had to explain the brand story of Planet Mermaid to the grant panel. With Kelly’s help, I was able to translate this really well. This added to my knowledge base regarding the company I built from the ground up. I needed the panel to understand our journey!”

Grant funding helps Planet Mermaid break into new market

Having successfully received their grant, Planet Mermaid was able to invest in high-quality, professional photography and videography for their new product line.

“The investment helped create continued high-end content that we are proud of to a brand new product. I have always had to pay for this service without grants. It was a nice relief to have financial assistants to continue our brand awareness with the colour in bag.

“Without high-impact visuals, you’re not taken seriously in the ecommerce world. The whole focus of the Colour in Mermaid Messenger bag range of products was to encourage children to get off mobile phones and gadgets and promote colouring in as a healthy and fun thing to do. With the funding, we’ve broken into new markets, and continued to raise our profile globally.”

Making waves in the fashion world

Since their investment, Plant Mermaid has continued to go from strength to strength. In 2023, their brilliant work resulted in international music superstar Shakira modelling the ‘Moonlight Sparkle Fin’ for Vogue Magazine’s 60 years of fashion celebration.

“It was wonderful they kept it a secret who’d be modelling our Mermaid Tail & Fin.

“It’s been great to make an impact with something so innovative. There’s a growing awareness of the benefits our range of products can have, and they’re encouraging children and adults to get into the water and have fun. We like to think we’ve impacted people’s well-being.

Making Fairy Tail Dreams come true for Mermaids and Sharks for over 10-years

Planet Mermaid has grown from a small online Ebay shop back in 2009 to now a leading UK Internationally selling Mermaiding portal. Even with our continued growth we are grounded and put quality and magical customer service at the top of our mermaid tails list. We assure all our customers of the following:

  • All our tails are still designed and manufactured in the UK from our head office in Central Bedfordshire. We are on the government’s Best of British list for export. We care deeply about sustainability and ethical production
  • We have a strong dedicated local team of passionate professionals working hard to capture the magic mermaiding has to offer to children around the world
  • Our designs are all produced using the ocean as a source of inspiration
  • We have a large selection of stunning designs to choose from with matching accessories to complete any mermaid or shark inspired look. Our diverse range of products has enabled us to cater for customers globally

‘Come Swim With us’ 10th August in Bedford

Join Planet Mermaid for Mermaid Afternoon Tea & Swim this August. The event offers a magical swimming experience for children, where they get to wear mermaid/shark tails and explore a world of make-believe magic in the pool. The swimming session includes approximately 40 minutes of free play family fun.

The event includes a delicious mermaid/shark-themed Afternoon Tea, featuring dress-up for adults and kids, ocean-inspired education along with lots of fun surprises! This allows participants to immerse themselves in the world of make-believe magic. Book your ticket using the QR code.