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HM Government

Preparing for EU Exit: Guidance and Information


The Government has developed a Preparing for the EU Exit website which is a central site for guidance aimed at businesses.

The site contains information on:

  • Employing EU citizens
  • Importing, exporting and transporting
  • Operating in the EU
  • Regulation and standards for products and goods
  • Using personal data
  • Intellectual property
  • and more.

Use the information on the government website to understand how leaving the EU may affect your business or organisation and what you can do to get ready.

Visit the website for more information. 

UK Gov Brexit website
UK Gov Brexit website


Other Brexit information can be found here: 

You can find here an EU Settlement Scheme: employer toolkit 

To support businesses to prepare for the UK leaving the EU, the government has released an online Triage Too with sector specific guidancel:

The tool can be used to:

👉Identify how you need to prepare your business

👉Identify what is changing in your sector


The government has also created a website for businesses to read to find out more about how to prepare if the UK leaves the EU with no deal.

The site contains information on:


The Border Delivery Group and HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) have published a two short videos to help businesses prepare for changes at the UK/EU border in the event of a no deal exit. Watch them below:


Other useful information sources for businesses, in addition to the official government guidance include:

HM Government