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Remotely Managing The Transition Back to “Work” as Lockdown is Lifted

Organiser: SNH Training

Venue: Webinar


Date & Time: 2 Jun 2020 - 3:30 pm-4:15 pm

There has been a lot of uncertainty recently. Uncertainty regarding the lockdown being lifted. Uncertainty about what work will look, sound and feel like in the future. However, we can be certain that when everything returns to “normal” (whenever & whatever that might be) you need your people to be ready, focused, motivated and productive. Some have labelled this as being “Match Fit Ready”. So as you and your organisation prepare to return, how can you use the events & experiences of living through this crisis to come back better, stronger, wiser & more resilient?

The subjects on the agenda in this 45 minute webinar will be:-

  • Defining what “Match Fit Ready” means for you and your team
  • Assessing the current “readiness” of you & your team to return
  • The mental, emotional & physical aspects of adjusting to the “new normal”
  • Identifying & applying the most valuable lessons learned during the crisis (individually & as a team)
  • Simple ways to plan a successful return

When you look back upon this crisis, what do you and your team want to be able to say you did? What do you want others to say about the way you & your team responded to the lockdown? Will others get to see what you are really made of? Will they get to witness the best version of you & your team?

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