Test the waters – do you know your China export potential?

3 September 2018

Do you know how well-suited your products or services are for the export market in China?  The Department for Trade offers a potentially lucrative offer to link businesses to the Chinese Ministry of Commerce in a move to create opportunities for exports.

The DiT offer

There is massive potential for UK companies to do business with China. And, China is keen to show that it is a reliable, open and significant partner in world trade- for imports as well as exports.

Through this offer, the DiT will facilitate contact with the Ministry to support local businesses interested in exploring the potential of the Chinese market but who are unsure about how to proceed.

What do you need to do? 

Provide the DiT East Midlands Team with brochures and sales material on the products/services you believe might be of interest in China (in an electronic form). The team is particularly interested in hearing from companies with innovative products and services.

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The materials do not need to be translated, English is fine and they don’t expect priced literature – just the features and benefits of your products/services. You do not need to provide detailed technical information at this stage.

The DiT will collate the information and send it on to China via the Chinese Ministry of Commerce (MofCOM) in each province. The MofCOM will link your offer to companies in their provinces. If there is interest, they will establish contact and open a dialogue. Answers from individual provinces may come at different times.

Interested? Act now as the closing date for information is noon, Monday 10 September 2018.

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