Careers Consult UK


We are currently seeking to increase our network of employers and employees in the Northamptonshire area.  As a business, we are committed to providing learners in Northamptonshire the best access possible to in person interactions with businesses in their local area.  Often learners have an unrealistic view of the World of Work, thinking that they can make their millions on You Tube or become famous footballers.  Whilst we genuinely hope that those who have those ambitions are able to achieve them, the likelihood is that they will need a back up plan. Working with Employers and Employees help break down the misconceptions many students have about routes into employment and the realities of every day work life. You, as Employers and Employees, are in a unique position to become the career role models learners need to help them take their next steps on their careers journey.

What’s in it for you?


  • Potential to train the next generation and identify future employees or apprentices
  • Giving back to the community you serve
  • Advertising for your business through Careers Consult UK website and school social media accounts
  • In some cases a free lunch!


Business and Enterprise Days

Can you give a couple of hours to support students in Key Stages 2 and 3 to learn more about the World of Work?  We are currently looking for small and medium sized businesses who are eager to work with young people, but who are not necessarily able to provide work placements.  At CCUK we specialise in organising and delivering one off events to schools to support their careers provision.

As part of your afternoon in school you would be working with groups of students to help them complete a number of careers based activities whilst also sharing with them your experiences in the work place and your careers journey.  We would like learners to have the opportunity to speak to people from  all different industries and professions, however we would be particularly interested in speaking to employers in the following areas- Logistics, Healthcare and Food and Beverages as these reflect the Local Market Information for Northamptonshire.

Your role will be to support the class teacher in the delivery of the careers based tasks, working with small groups, discussing ideas and judging the final entries. All resources are provided as well as a free lunch!

Careers Fairs

Careers Fairs are mainly for learners aged 14-18, focusing on exploring their next steps.  We are looking for employers who would be willing to have an information stand for either a full or half day at careers fairs either in school or in an external venue which learners can visit.  Businesses would be expected to decorate their stand appropriately and have information and leaflets to hand out to interested learners.  They should also expect to be asked questions about their routes through education and their careers journey.  Information about potential Apprenticeships and Training opportunities would also be beneficial.

Work Experience

We are looking for small and medium size businesses that are able to offer 3 or 5  day work placements to students currently in years 10 and 12. Dedicated support and guidance will be given in preparation for and during the placement.


  • Students will be matched with placements which suit their career interests and ambitions.
  • Students will be supplied with a booklet to support their placement, guiding them to incorporate and reflect on key skills  and competencies needed for the workplace.
  • Placement providers will be given guidance material regarding the type of tasks students can and should complete.
  • Placement providers will be given a dedicated phone number to contact in case of problems with the work place.
  • Placement providers will be expected to complete an evaluation of the process and a reference for the student within 5 days of the placement being completed.
  • Placement providers will need to send a copy of their public liability insurance details to Careers Consult UK