Mental Health and Productivity Pilot

A healthier workforce contributes to a healthier economy and organisational growth.

We help businesses and organisations realise the benefits of looking after the mental health and wellbeing of their people. This helps to improve employee engagement and morale, and has a positive impact on sickness levels, retention and overall productivity.

We are proud of our region and want to encourage employers to ‘join the MHPP journey’ to
make the Midlands the place of choice to live and work.

The team at MHPP provides evidence-based, cost effective and sustainable resource to support good mental health at work, reduce stigma and ultimately increase efficiency.

Our ask is for employers to ‘get on board’ – MHPP will take them on a journey to understand the link between mental health and productivity, helping to put measures in place to ensure employees are happy, satisfied and able to thrive at work.

We are already working with 800+ organisations, reaching 600,000 employees (13% of the Midlands’ working population) – there is potential to reach many more to make the Midlands happier and healthier

The Mental Health and Productivity Pilot (MHPP) is a collaboration of Midlands universities and other partners working together since 2019 to support Midlands’ business communities and their employees, to improve workplace mental health and to reduce the impact it has on sickness absence, presenteeism and productivity.

Our support is tailored to local need and delivered in the Midlands by people who understand our region and are passionate about mental health, wellbeing and economic growth.

We know from our research that employers need and want help in this area, but there are so many options to choose from that often they don’t know where to start. We provide a solution that is evidence based and doesn’t cost financially.

Our work is funded by the Department for Work and Pensions and supported by the Department for Health and Social Care and Midlands Engine.