LearnTech is a provider of apprenticeships in the following categories; Technology, Digital, Data and Business Analysis.

Information/Discovery Sessions:

Any session can be tailored to your needs depending on what you already know and what you want to know.  So, if you are familiar with apprenticeships and just want to know the details about a specific apprenticeship or our delivery model, we can cover that. Or, we can provide all of the information on apprenticeships, funding, recruitment and everything you might need to get an apprentice or apprenticeship programme running within your organisation. We also provide Q&A during the session and then remain on-hand after should any further questions come to mind.Our Information/Discovery Sessions are typically held over Microsoft Teams. However, depending on risks from COVID-19, a visit can be arranged or, if you prefer old-school, we can explain things fairly well over the telephone!

We have delivered information sessions one-to-one or with up to 80 participants including senior HR/Learning and Development, IT, Data, Project department heads and prospective apprentices present. In some cases, employers prefer us to conduct separate information sessions tailored to each stakeholder/department.

Information only, zero ‘sales’.
Our Employer Engagement Associates are all qualified teachers who love vocational learning. Having taught for many years, they have chosen to have their impact on education by sharing information about the courses with employers and apprentices.

They are not sales people, they are passionate about education, have a great understanding, and a trained ability to share information accurately and thoroughly so that employers and apprentices are enabled to make fully informed decisions.

To book a session simply email or call us on 0300 380 0249 or email [email protected]

Our services include:
  • Our specified apprenticeships throughout all of England
  • To both Levy and non-Levy paying employers
  • Apprenticeships to new recruits or to upskill/re-skill existing employees
  • Updates on changing initiatives or legislation affecting apprenticeships or their funding