Riding the ebbs and flows of business growth, together.

30 January 2023

Putting in place strategies to best deal with ebbs and flows of growth requires on-going attention. For those businesses experiencing or projecting fast growth, the need for ‘general business support’ is increasingly flagged by business owners we support.

Does this feedback indicate a shift in the main reason why business owners seek support? Whilst specific challenges around recruitment, strategic marketing or accessing finance haven’t magically disappeared, it shows that business owners need and want to talk about being in business.

One of the best ways to gain new insights and strategies for success is to talk to, and learn from, business peers. That’s why SEMLEP’s Growth Hub business advisers have teamed up with New Level Results to provide a dedicated, facilitated and free virtual space for businesses to talk.

Here are just a few of the benefits:

  1. Fresh perspectives: By talking to business owners in different industries, you’ll be exposed to new ways of thinking and problem-solving. This can help you approach challenges in your own business with a renewed sense of creativity and potential solutions.
  2. Industry insights: Learning about the trends and challenges that other business owners are facing can give you a better understanding of the broader business landscape. This knowledge can help you consider options and stay ahead of potential disruptions in your own industry.
  3. Networking opportunities: Building relationships with other business owners can open up new opportunities for collaboration and partnerships. These connections can help you expand your reach, access new markets, and gain new customers.
  4. Personal growth: Talking to other business owners can also be a great way to grow as a leader and gain new skills. You may pick up tips for managing teams, leading change, and creating a positive company culture.

If you’re interested in gaining business insights, staying ahead of industry trends – and expanding your network of trusted contacts to talk business, get in touch.

Speak to a business adviser about business support on offer for you through the Growth Hub: 0300 01234 35 or email [email protected] or, chat with a business adviser (not a bot) via our online chat. Or, register your interest in joining Growth Curve Peer Networks:

If you want to talk about being in business, take the time to connect with other business owners and see how it can benefit your own business.