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Sales: helping prospects become customers

Organiser: SEMLEP Growth Hub & Digital Remit



Date & Time: 31 May 2021 - 10:00 am-12:00 pm

Contact Email: [email protected]

What will we cover?

We start by looking at the difference between sales and marketing. What’s the difference
between B2B and B2C? How has selling changed?

A key takeaway is that it’s as important to create value during the sale and after the sale; it’s
not just your product that does this for customers.

We then examine the importance of identifying your buyers and learn about the ‘DMU’.
You only make a sale if you are offer value, but many still concentrate on features rather
than benefits. We look at why this familiar principle still matters today – and bring it up to

We then look at the psychology of buying and how to address obstacles, teaching you with
an easy to understand process to draft a compelling sales narrative.

What will I learn?

• the difference between sales and marketing
• the way in which sales have changed over the years
• how you can create value for prospects – and why you should do so
• what we mean by a ‘DMU’ and how to identify its key members
• six easy steps to constructing a sales narrative
• the importance of ‘smarketing’ to your business

Who should attend?
Any entrepreneur, director, or manager who wants to approach sales in a sustainable way.
The course consists of pre-recorded material, which you can work through at your own pace,
followed by a live two hour webinar to apply what you’ve learned to your own business.

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