SEMLEP Board gains new SME Champion

19 March 2019

The South East Midlands Local Enterprise Partnership (SEMLEP) has announced the appointment of a new Small Medium Enterprise (SME) Champion and Chair of SEMLEP’s Growth Hub Board.

Business Growth and Innovation Consultant and Federation of Small Business (FSB) lead for Buckinghamshire, Yvette Lamidey, has taken on the role. Yvette is perfectly placed to oversee this challenge with experience of running a business, together with the insight and knowledge gained as FSB lead.

In the role of SME Champion, Yvette will work with the Board to promote the economic ambitions of the SEMLEP region, alongside addressing the needs of the vast SME community. The Growth Hub Board represents the interest of the SME businesses, ensuring that their needs are firmly embedded in SEMLEP’s business support programmes.

Yvette says, “It is so important SMEs have a champion. They are the backbone of our economy and contribute so much throughout the supply chain, in retail, services and so much more. Not all businesses want to grow, and we need to recognise this and provide the support to help these businesses to be sustainable.

“These businesses need a voice and in my role here I want to listen to their needs and champion them. As a small business owner and FSB lead I work with and talk to many businesses in the area. This also gives me the opportunity to tell them about the important role of SEMLEP and SEMLEP’s Growth Hub in the local economy. This is an extremely important message, as SEMLEP can help voice the needs and challenges of the SME community.

“We can make a real difference to businesses, whether they are established, growing or new by making sure there is the opportunity to thrive.”

You can find out more about SEMLEP’s Growth Hub which provides access to business support for SMEs in the South East Midlands area: