Setting clear goals for global cyber security

18 October 2017

Global Cyber Security, are a remote access software company, with a unique, patented solution. They enable fast, efficient and secure access to any legacy/desktop/enterprise environment from an HTML5 browser.

Lawrence John, Director of Global Cyber Security said “My business is focused on specific customer requirements. I needed some support to expand my expand my customer base.”

While looking for business support in his area, he came across the Velocity Growth Hub. Having heard about SEMLEP, Lawrence was keen to find out more about the services the growth hub offered and called the team.

Lawrence worked with Business Adviser, Emmanuelle to set clear goals for the business and looked at the areas he could improve. “Emmanuelle was brilliant” Lawrence said. He wanted to improve his networking and attended several courses, saying, “Education is never wasted, You can always learn from every course”.

Lawrence has attended a number of business skills workshops available through the Growth Hub’s ERDF project, including Sales B2B, Writing a Marketing Plan, Marketing and Social Media. “I found the workshops really informative and engaging . I cannot recommend Justin, the workshop leader highly enough. He’s inspiring and has great experience.”

From attending these workshops Lawrence has re-launched his website and twitter account, with plans for more strategic marketing to grow his digital presence.

Any tips for other business who many need support? Lawrence says:

“I would highly recommend any VELOCITY course by Justin. For start-up businesses you can gain fantastic knowledge. The workshops give you a chance to transfer and troubleshoot your businesses issues. It’s a fantastic opportunity to connect with people in a similar situation, network and learn from other’s mistakes, and maybe even find a new client, business partner or alliance.”

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