Setting the foundations as Access Fore Golf aims for expansion

25 November 2019

Access Fore Golf is an initiative set up to give people access to a multiple golf courses through a partnership scheme with local golf clubs, with members paying an annual fee for access to the three clubs.

Shane Davies who runs the scheme, is aiming to broaden his business proposition for fitness and golf fans in the area by developing partnerships with leisure clubs, giving their members access to golf courses.

Here is how SEMLEP’s Growth Hub worked with Shane to help set the foundations to bring his plans to life.

Our Role
Business Plan
Marketing Strategy

Why business support?
Setting up a new aspect of a business can be daunting with many things to think about. Shane recognised he would benefit from advice so he could talk through first steps, before focusing on the new aspect of the business full-time.

“It was a case of running the scheme for five years alongside a full-time job, I wanted to look at getting something in place so it can become my full-time role and I can start to build a business.

I got in touch so I could talk through the first steps of what I need to do and how to go about it.”

Working with SEMLEP’s Growth Hub
Shane contacted Northamptonshire Chamber of Commerce, who recommended that he should get in touch with us here at SEMLEP’s Growth Hub.

“Initially I had a phone conversation with Business Adviser, James Elliott, followed by a meeting to go through my plans in more detail. James helped me recognise my areas of expertise and where I could benefit from professional help, for instance I am working with a consultant to sort my legal contracts.

I have also got professional help on my website, marketing strategy and the creation of a marketing toolkit so I have the everything I need, including the quality I need.

James has provided me with lots of helpful templates such as for a business plan and cash flow forecast and provided advice on creating my own.”

Making changes
“From the support I have received, I’ve made fundamental changes to my business model which I am really comfortable with. Working with James, he challenged me on my plans, structure and business model. He has asked the questions that have confirmed what is good and well thought through, and what needed more work.

I can only say positive things and appreciate the level and detail of support I have be given.”

Moving Forward
Plans are now turning into actions, with Shane having set up meetings with potential partners for the scheme.

“I will be keeping in touch with James going forward. When you are dealing with things in business you haven’t had to before, it is great to have someone who has been there and done it to clarify things.”

What would you say to anyone thinking of getting in touch?
“Go for it, the details and extent of support is great. The advisers are keen to understand your business so they can challenge you to either affirm your plans or talk through changes on how to move forward.”