Snapping out of working in the business to work on it

22 January 2020

Dr Chloe Sharp

Dr Chloe Sharp

Snap Out is a market and user research consultancy based in Milton Keynes. The company is made up of a team of PhDs with commercial experience in digital product development and taking tech products to market, as well as writing winning grant funding applications.

Based on the teams’ years of experience, Snap Out help businesses to grow based on customer-centric and data-driven decisions. They also work with companies to help them access funding to take their business to the next level. This is done through their specialist grant writing support; the grant funding kick-starter.

Snap Out’s Managing Director, Dr Chloe Sharp, spoke to us about the business support services that she has worked with this year to further the business.

Our Role

Grant funding workshops
Business skills workshops
Business health check

Someone to be Accountable to

“This year I completed the NatWest Accelerator Programme at their hub in Milton Keynes; the coaching was so helpful. Knowing I wanted to further develop my business once this programme ended, I started looking out for further business support such as coaching as well as workshops that could be of interest.

“Through the NatWest Accelerator programme I came across SEMLEP’s growth Hub and earlier this year I attended the High-Performance Business Clinic run by them so I could talk to someone specifically about Snap Out and what it means for us to be a high-performance business.

“During the event, I met Bisola Orimalade, Growth Hub Businesses Adviser, who I have been working with since on a one-on-one basis to further grow my business. These sessions give me someone to be accountable to as it can get busy day-to-day working in the business. Working with Bisola makes me focus on the business rather than working in the business.”

Interesting Insights

“Receiving the support has helped me gather information to make informed decisions on my business. I have been to quite a few events including workshops on funding, marketing, social media and pricing which were all really good. The quality of the events the Growth Hub deliver is always high. They are also a great place to network; I have met interesting and relevant people and gained interesting insights. I would recommend any business owner to attend Growth Hub events.”