South East Midlands Growth Hub announce the launch of ‘Step into Net Zero’.

24 October 2023

South East Midlands Growth Hub is launching ‘Step into Net Zero’, a new programme funded by the government’s UK Shared Prosperity Fund. Step into Net Zero, Bedford Borough has been designed to support businesses across the Bedford Borough region on their journey to Net Zero.

Built upon The Growth Hub’s increasing experience of delivering first-class business support, the programme will allow businesses to develop their own strategy to hitting their net zero requirements, outlined by the government.

As always, The Growth Hub’s team of business advisers will play a key role. As part of the Step into Net Zero, eligible businesses will be offered a one-to-one business clinic, where they can discover why having a decarbonisation plan is important, the information they need to start, and a roadmap to success. Businesses will also receive their own Net Zero toolkit, which includes how they can measure their carbon footprint, top tips to hitting net zero, links to external funding support, and upcoming decarbonisation events.

The Growth Hub will also be delivering a series of Green Innovation workshops, where businesses can discover more about how to make their organisation net zero, share their experience with other organisations, and receive further guidance from our business advisers.

Businesses that take part in the programme may also be eligible to apply for grant funding to help realise their Net Zero aspirations.

Ruth Roan, Growth Hub Manager encourages all businesses across Bedford Borough to inquire about the programme: “Working towards net zero is a key priority for many businesses but they don’t know where to start! Step into Net Zero is a great starting point for businesses giving them the skills, advice and specialist guidance to confidently start their journey to becoming net zero”.

This programme is available to any business that resides in the Bedford Borough region.

To find out more about the Step into Net Zero programme, visit: