Step into Net Zero

Growth Hub has launched Step into Net Zero, with Bedford Borough Council

Funded via the government’s UK Shared Prosperity Fund, Step into Net Zero supports businesses across the Bedford Borough region on their journey to becoming net zero.

Start your journey to Net Zero

Growth Hub’s Step into Net Zero programme supports local businesses to reach their net zero targets. Through a series of business clinics, workshops and funding opportunities, Step into Net Zero guides you along your pathway to net zero.

With Step into Net Zero, you’ll learn how to develop a plan to ensure you achieve your green targets. Our team of business advisers will be on hand throughout to provide impartial advice and support on your journey to net zero.

By hitting net zero, not only will you be benefiting the environment, but your business will also…

Reduce energy and transport costs

Your business could qualify for tax benefits

Meet environmental regulations

Attract new customers, staff and investors

What is net zero?

Net zero means having an equal balance between the amount of greenhouse gas that is produced and the amount that’s removed from the atmosphere. Unlike “carbon neutral”, which focuses on limiting your increase in carbon emissions moving forward, and offsetting any emissions to neutralise existing emissions, Net Zero focuses on reducing your current carbon emissions as much as possible.

Every business contributes to the release of carbon emissions into earth’s atmosphere. From burning fuel in a fleet of petrol and diesel vehicles, to using energy generated by fossil fuels, you could even be contributing to CO2 emissions in ways you didn’t realise. The route to Net Zero isn’t always clear for businesses. That’s why the Growth Hub is here to support you.

How to get started


Book your 30-minute business clinic, where a business adviser will share how you can start your decarbonisation plan


Receive your Net Zero Tool kit. The toolkit is your guide to becoming net zero


Attend the Green Innovation workshop


Apply for grant funding support to help execute your net zero strategy

Four people sat at wooden table with notepads and pens


Book your 30-minute business clinic, where a business adviser will share how you can start your decarbonisation plan, why it’s important and show you the next steps on your journey.