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Emmanuelle Clément

Emmanuelle Clément

Job Title: Partnership Manager

Intro: I live in Milton Keynes which is a great place to do business

I have experience in export project management and EU funded projects, market research, sales and business support, general management, event management and I own a sustainable events business

When I am not working, I spend my energy socialising, walking/trekking, running, exercising, cooking as food is very important to me, reading, watching films and plays, travelling whenever I can and giving myself new challenges every year

Career Highlight: Volunteering for an NGO planning and managing events and field trips in Asia and Africa to help build trust with current donors, empower them to see the difference their donations are making and inspire and engage them in the NGO’s strategy.

Business hero: Entrepreneurs who have successfully created businesses with regard for the needs of the community

Business idea that I’m plotting: helping businesses achieve savings and a positive reputation by reducing the impact of their events

My perfect day involves: Working in collaboration with people to achieve my role’s objectives and the business’ objectives

Many people don’t know this… I was involved in a play which was performed at Edinburgh’s Festival Fringe