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James Elliott

James Elliott

Job Title: Business Adviser

Intro:  Business Adviser covering Northamptonshire.

Graduated from The University of Northampton with a degree in Business Management & Entrepreneurship.

Upon graduation I immediately started my first full time enterprise, by opening a pet retail & retail services business at the age of 21.

Following 5 years of business ownership I entered the world of employment. I have been lucky enough to have experienced a wide range of roles within organisations in both the public and private. My private sector employment has included a combination of small family businesses and large multinational companies.

Having moved into the business support sector in early 2017, I gained SFEDI accreditation in 2018. I have supported many businesses via the Growth Hub as well as Inspire2Enterprise, a UK wide specialist business support service focusing upon the Social Enterprise sector.

In my spare time I can be found watching Corby Town FC or at the driving range. I continue to have a strong interest in aquatics and have recently been introduced to the world of baking.


Career Highlight: Starting and profitably running my business during a recession. At the time I faced many people telling me that I wouldn’t be able to make a success of the venture,, whether this be due to my age, lack of practical experience or the economic landscape, the list of ‘reasons’ seemed to be a long one.

I take great pride in knowing that I not only successfully ‘started’ the business, but I grew it year on year. I did this with the support and backing of those around me, and I did this for myself regardless of the sceptics.

The hard work, long days and pressure – especially while the business was in its infancy – were all a sound investment. I am grateful for the success I had, and just how much I learned during the process. My degree gave me a strong platform to work from throughout, although there were some challenges that couldn’t be answered via a textbook or a ‘business theory’. It was these practical questions which I faced the largest learning curves – especially during the second and third years where growth began to guide the business into new directions.


Business hero: Derick ‘Del Boy’ Trotter. Running a business is hard work and there is the potential for bumps in the road whatever you do. What I like about Del Boy is his resilience, and how self-motivated he is. Having a bad Monday does not mean he will have a bad Tuesday.

Watching his adaptability and resourcefulness when I was a teenager, showed me that I always need to have a ‘plan B’. This helped to show me the importance of planning before making a business decision, and to evaluate a course of action in both the best and the worst case scenarios.

If your balaclavas don’t sell, just sew them up and make a fortune on teapot cosy’s. Lovely Jubbly!