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Nathan March

Nathan March

Job Title: Business Adviser

I am passionate, professional who has gained experience from a variety of different companies.

I learnt at a very young age that there isn’t a set career path that everyone should take. A career is like an adventure, it has many ups and downs but the experiences that you come across and the people you meet along the way can open many doors and make that journey exciting.

Having gained experience in sales I quickly decided that getting some life experience was going to be an important part of my career aspirations. I embarked at the age of 23 on around the world trip. The trip spanned seven months and I visited eleven different countries on my own – the experience opened my eyes. From volunteering in a small remote village in Laos to skydiving 14,000ft in New Zealand, these life experiences are what makes me who I am today.

My professional career accelerated…excuse the pun…I have a love for cars! when I applied for a job in banking. Having the knack of building rapport and communicating with people, I quickly worked my way up the ladder and became a business relationship manager, looking after over 200 businesses in every industry you can imagine. I gained the qualifications, knowledge, experience and appreciation of how exactly a successful business should be run and the many pitfalls and challenges a business faces on a day to day basis.

I became a regional training manager specialising in international trade and business management. A very enjoyable role which gave me a lot of satisfaction and has helped me become a more rounded person having the ability to understand that everyone is different, and people learn in other ways.

My Hero: Bruce Springsteen aka “The Boss” I personally like his story. Having grown up in a dead-end town with no qualifications, he had the drive and passion to succeed in his industry and have a career that has lasted more than 40 years.

A person who is not afraid to speak his mind and sings meaning lyrics that tell a story. Everyone can relate to one of his songs and it proves that hard work and determination means that anything in life is possible.

My perfect day involves: Talking to different people from different backgrounds. Getting to know them and understanding what gives them the motivation to do what they do. If they like sport, holidays or dogs then it could be a very long conversation!