Ruth Cozens

Ruth Cozens

Job Title: Business Adviser Team Leader

Intro:  I have always had a passion for business. My career in corporate banking helped to provide financial solutions to small and large companies in order to help their growth and sustainability and gave me an in-depth knowledge of everything business. I spent 9 years running a successful café Bar in Buckingham, which was the hardest yet most rewarding role I have ever undertaken, and which supplemented the knowledge gained in Banking and my MBA which I completed at Henley Management College. I took my business knowledge to Milton Keynes Council in 2017 where I supported business engagement – the link between the public and private sector. This provided me with an insight into the “flip-side of the coin” so to speak; helping me gain an understanding of the public sector, and the way in which government looks at supporting business from a local level.  I now take all my private and public sector experience, and help businesses grow all over the SEMLEP region

Career Highlight: Buying a struggling, non – profitable café in Buckingham and turning it around into a vibrant, successful and profitable business.

Business hero:  Elon Musk (Tesla & SpaceX)– he had and has the motivation, tenacity and skill not to find a new market and to grow within, for example like Amazon, but to take on two massively traditional, totally bureaucratic machines of the space and automotive sector and successfully disrupt them beyond all comparison – he has a passion behind all of this not to make money (although it would be fair to say that he has made a substantial amount) but to save humankind from what he believes is a planet that humankind has destroyed (he feels we have passed the point of no return) and to enable life to have chance his whole ethos is to colonise Mars.

Business idea that I’m plotting: I have some, but in the words of 007 “ if I told you I’d have to kill you”.  I believe that every entrepreneurial mind has several ideas being plotted at once, not all will come into fruition, but I have a couple that I hope to develop.

My perfect day involves: I do have a life outside of the world of business and my perfect day is spending my time with my son (now 9) doing all things children like especially going to watch all the animated movies! – it allows me to be a child all over again – even if this time a bigger one!