Wellingborough Climate Action Project Specialist Workshops – Transitioning to more sustainable ways of living and co-leading the process

Organiser: Wellingborough Climate Action Project

Venue: Virtual


Date & Time: 14 Jul 2022 - 7:00 pm-8:00 pm

What does a sustainable life / work look and feel like – how can we get there – hearing from ‘Transition Town communities’

How can we (people and business) jointly lead in making our personal and community transition happen

All sessions unless otherwise stated will be run via zoom or on-line workshops. Each session will be two hours long. People will need to register for sessions via our website at www.wcap.org.uk

In light of the energy challenges and cost of living crisis the first 4 sessions of the programme are focused on saving energy, understanding how we use it efficiently and thinking about renewable energy generation.


Marion Turner-Hawes
Project Coordinator
Wellingborough Climate Action Project (WCAP)
01933 381467, 07584 350 308


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