What do you do?

30 July 2018

Guest blog by Luke Faulker, Business Adviser.

What do you actually do????

That is one of the questions that my friends and my family ask me. Not sure how many of you are in the same position?

I love what I do but think that my friends and family would be bored listening to me tell them. So I usually end up shying away from the subject, or the passion that I have when talking to businesses never really comes through the same as when talking to friends and family.

It got me thinking though, what if I did tell them? Would they spread the word for me and would they be able to pass on the simple message to people? A simple message of ‘we offer FREE support and access to GRANT FUNDING for businesses’.

Simple, right? Wrong. Its not as easy as it sounds to offer free support, too often people turn their nose up and decide it has no value, but I’m a big believer that I’m always learning and that I’ll learn till the day I die and just because something is free doesn’t mean it doesn’t have a value.

The same with grant funding, it should shoot straight out of the door, right? Wrong again. It’s much harder to give money away and sometimes the form filling can put people off, but I usually ask a business if the value of what you are applying for is ‘£X,XXX’ and it takes X hours to complete, would you make that amount in that time? If the answer is no then I would advise them to take a closer look at the grant option.

So my message to all my connections based in Aylesbury, Luton, Cherwell, Northampton, Milton Keynes & Bedford is why not look at the free support we have on offer at Velocity? If you know of a business that could benefit or a friend then why not spread the word and let them know. Especially the event we have next week in conjunction with Natwest. By attending the Milton Keynes event you get to hear about all the great support from Velocity and Natwest and also get to experience the great space that Natwest Accelerator hub has to offer (which is also open for applications at the moment). If you are interested then please register on our events page or contact us for more information. You’ll also get to hear about the free 12-month membership to Enterprise Nation and have access to 12 months free mentoring support.

If you can’t make that event, then check out the full list of workshops at and I look forward to meeting you at one of our events.

Oh nearly forgot, so what is it that I do. Well in a nutshell, I run my own business and I help businesses like yours access support that is widely available but not usually known about and simplifies the language to help businesses understand what is available. Now that I’ve told you what I do, please spread the word and let other businesses know that there is support available to them and they are not alone.

It would be great to hear what you do to see if we can help you.